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Story Treasure Time

A fun and enriching time for two to sevens, exploring quality children's literature together. Thirty minute sessions start with clues regarding the day's story taken from a painting and a treasure box designed to draw the children in and pique their interest about what the story will be about. This is followed by a story time which is interactive and experiential allowing children to participate in the narrative and not merely listen to it. Story Treasure Time then concludes with a short time of reflection which focuses on the children's thoughts and feelings, and a chance to take part in an art activity to express their learning! 

Story Treasure Time is designed to be a safe, nurturing and enriching experience for young children which can be shared with their parents and other families. Not only does it inspire a love of quality lieterature and enhance early literacy, this special experience of engaging with fun, powerful, funny, inspiring and meaningful stories leads to greater emotional regulation, perspective taking and self-understanding. As well as a weekly small group comprising children and parents from several families, Story Treasure Time may be run for individual families and their children at speciallly negotiated times.

For more information about Story Treasure Time please contact Joanna on 0466 847 683. 

Michele Aitchison Group ~ Families, Not Labels

Catered to your needs

Independent, local and community service to support families with children with additional needs, autism and behaviour difficulties.

Contact:     0431910082




Bachelor of Education - Central Qld University

Post Grad Cert -  Early Intervention and  Autism - Griffith University

Masters Special Education - Emotional & Behaviour Challeges -  University Of Newcastle

Michele has developed a vast collection of skills and a depth of knowledge.  Along with these rich experiences and multiple successes for familes and individuals, there have been many wonderful memories.  She has presented workshops at local and state levels and has provided support and guidance to schools for children with autism and complex behaviour issues. 

Michele is well skilled in assessing and  assisting in the education design and support for children with complex needs, challenging behaviour, the many facets of autism, and is also a certified Irlen Syndrome screener.

Michele has a very personal experience with autism in her family and is a mother of five wonderful grown up children

It is all these experiences that are now offered within a personal service that tailors strategies to meet individual needs and diverse situations.

Also being a mobile provider allows Michele the flexibility to travel to meet and assist individuals where help is needed.  This also allows other family members to gain knowledge and skills that best suit individual situations and individuals within the familiar family settinngs.  This provides the best opportunity for famiies to experience lasting and positive results.